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Catering Service

Our Menu

We know how demanding setting up an event or a function can be! That is why we give each client our personalized service.

Formal or informal, extravagant or personal, large or small: we are flexible and easygoing, and happy to help you plan the perfect culinary experience for your event. We design our menu and budget to suit your needs.

We have a great range of dishes for buffet and cocktail catering. 

Side Dishes


Garlic Naan


  • Tandoori Roti

  • Tandoori Naan

  • Keema Naan *

  • Garlic Naan *

  • Kulcha Naan *

  • Peshawri Naan *

  • Chilly Naan *

  • Stuffed Paratha *

  • Bhatura

  • Puri


  • Pilau Rice

  • Plain Rice

  • Mutter Rice

  • Mushroom Rice

  • Vegetable Rice

  • Jeera Rice



Raita & Salads:

HMC Food img 1.png
  • Plain Raita

  • Boondi Raita

  • Jeera Raita

  • Cucumber & Tomato Raita

  • Bhalla Raita

  • Mixed Salad

  • Punjabi Salad

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